StreetBump Challenge

July – August 2011

Working with others at sprout on the StreetBump challenge which is a competition run by the City of Boston. StreetBump is an Android app that records cellphone sensor data (acceleration and orientation in all threes axes as well as GPS coordinates) while the cellphone is traveling within a car. The challenge is to create an algorithm that can determine the location and severity of potholes from the recorded sensor data.

Update December, 2011

The City of Boston informs us that our submission was chosen as a winning solution for the challenge. Yay!

Tadpole Trike Build

July 2010 – Present

Dad and I set off to build a tadpole tricycle from scratch using plans that we got from Many of the components were recycled from donor bikes. As of September 19, 2011, the bike is ride-able although still needs some finishing. Photos of the build can be seen here:

Open Exo

November 2010 – Present

I began this exoskeleton (or powered lower-limb orthotic device) project in November 2011. It’s a device that I hope will help my Mom (who is dependent on a scooter to get around due to MS) be able to walk again. And I hope that my work will help and motivate others in similar endeavors. I plan on open sourcing all components of the project. I blog about my progress at

Missing Children 404 Project

February 2010

I programmed this project in Python and it lives on the Google App Engine. The site serves an embeddable Javascript widget that displays several missing children from around the website visitor’s location. It works by geo-locating the user through his or her IP address and then fetching relevant results from The idea was for web publishers to easily add something potentially helpful to their 404 “missing” pages. Maybe, just maybe a visitor that sees one of the widgets might recognize a missing person.

OK Public Web Hosting

June 2005 – June 2013

I founded OK Public Web Hosting as a business in the summer of 2005. At the time, I had been growing my freelance and contract web development business and it made sense to have my own servers to provide hosting for my clients as opposed to redirecting them elsewhere. I was also able to provide better service as I was the top-level administrator for their web hosting and email services.