Here’s my Mom in a standing frame I built for her:

Mom in Custom Standing Frame

I made it using:

  • Gold’s Gym Standard Gym Bench I got from Walmart for $77
  • A 2 ton bottle jack that my Dad had from a an old vehicle which is nearly identical to this one on Amazon
  • Some miscellaneous steel scrap: angle lengths (from a bed frame), some thin gauge tubing for the adapted jacking handle and some 3/16″ plate

Altogether my cost was the $77 (+tax!) for the bench but if you need to buy the jack as well as some of the additional steel, it would still only cost $110 or so. Of course not including the labor ;-) I spent probably 15 hours on it. But a lot of that was figuring things out and trying things out (and then finding out I needed to do something else!). I think I could probably do it again in a day. But that of course doesn’t include any finishing work. My Mom refers to the one in the photos as “industrial style”.

I needed to cut, grind, and weld some of the steel pieces from the gym bench to make the standing frame components.

Here are some more pictures of it: